Natural tourist resources

Picturesque landscape

Picturesque landscape and clean air

  • picturesque landscape with a mix of coniferous forests and mountain pastures
  • clean air, without dust or other allergic causes, rich in ozone and ultraviolet radiation, ionized atmosphere and low-pressure of air, natural elements of clime which recommend the station for the treatment of neuroasthenia, the revival of faint organisms, the treatment of endocrine disrupting and of problems concerning the growth of children.

Tamina Cascade

Tamina Cascade

Situated in Piatra Mare Mountains at an altitude of 1,100 m, Tamina Waterfall is stringing 5 waterfalls, of which the largest has a height of 10 m. The waterfall was formed by widening of more than 50 m of old drainage lines installed on vertical cracks in the limestone mass. In forming this waterfall it is considered a possible collapse of a cave.

Biodiversity is one of the strong points of this waterfall which hosts many species and habitats protected at national and European level. Among the most important habitats for here there are those of the limestone cliffs, gorges, alpine meadows, streams and mountain springs.

Seven Stairs Canyon

Canionul 7 Scari

Seven Stairs Canyon attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country, being situated at an altitude of 980 meters, on the Seven Stairs River, left tributary of Sipoaia Valley. The waterfall length is of 160 m, the height difference being of around 58 m. The steps heights varies between 8 and 35 m. Deepened

in Jurassic limestone, the Seven Stairs Keys trace the morphological evolution of the entire Piatra Mare massive.

The Cave of Ice – Timisul de Jos

The Cave of Ice – Timisul de Jos

Ice Cave is considered to be the most important cave in Piatra Mare massive, located in the Gatul Chibei mountain area. Developed by a vertical fissure the cave has an opening of 50 m, oriented towards north. Inside it, the temperature is low throughout the year, sometimes there is snow.

Sky slopes

Sky slopes equipped
  • Relief, altitude and clime, which permit the practice of winter sports. 
  • The station dispose of 7,6 km of sky slopes with divers grades of difficulty and fitted with installation for the production of artificial snow.


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