Safety rules on slopes


Amateur and performance skiers and snowboard users are required to comply with these rules of conduct laid down by the International Ski Federation

  • To ski so as not to endanger the life of another skier or to cause him any injury;
  • To adjust their own speed and the manner of skiing as according to the technical training, fitness, snow condition, the degree of difficulty of the slope, weather and traffic density on slopes;
  • To choose the route they are going to descend, carefully, in order to protect the downstream skiers;
  • To overpass the downstream skier either on the right or on the left side, provided it is sufficiently large to overcome to avoid a possible unexpected evolution of the person that is about to be overpassed;
  • To ensure, through a careful examination of the upstream and downstream traffic, that both him and other skiers are out of danger, while resuming crossing paths after a temporary stop on the slopes
  • To avoid standing on the path especially on narrow portions thereof or the lack of visibility. In case of fall, he will release the path as soon as possible
  • To use only the edge of the path in case he is forced to walk up or down
  • To observe the signaling signs and the marking buoys installed on the slopes and ski trails
  • To notify the first aid station when a skier is injured and to provide support to his transport
  • To establish their identity before the competent bodies, in case he witnessed an accident or if he was caused an accident.


GPS coordinates

45°31´38´´ N 25°34´24´´E

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