Ski History in Predeal

The first ski slope of Predeal

When talking about Romanian skiing, you necessarily think about Predeal.

On the Romanian sports map, Predeal enrol in ski data and facts as its relief allows it, that is at the highest point of the Romanian Ski. The resort is a swing and promoter of this sport.

Skiing has, over time, and continues to have a positive influence on the resort’s development. Skiers from Predeal are today’s heirs of a beautiful tradition that has lasted for decades.

Skiing in different forms across Predeal resort town has existed more than 110 years, as following:

  • 1892 – a group of skiers led by Carol Ganzert are undergoing Clabucet.
  • 1900 – skiing in Predeal develops in two directions - from Brasov, where the Saxons and Szeklers come to ski in Predeal and Poiana Clabucet; and from Bucharest, where the aristocracy of the capital that often came to resorts in Switzerland, are now coming to ski in Predeal.
  • 1903 – Susai chalet ski competition.
  • 1905 – ski competition at "Piatra Mare”.
  • 1916 – "Skiing" certified as a means of application deployment utility in combat units by the mountain hunters".
  • 1920 – first course of organized ski learning.
  • 1924 – it passes onto to the national organization of ski and constitutes "the Central Committee of Skiing", which supports skiing by women (today’s FRSB). – Affiliation of FRSB to the International Ski Federation; From this moment Romania is present in all large-scale competitions in Europe.
  • 1926 – establishment of the "Sports Club Predeal" to be operated in the direction of training children and youth.
  • 1929 – the first INTER-UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIP takes place.,
  • - the applied military skiing is well represented (the Commandment of the 4th Mountain Regime, Colonel Gregoriou, is also the mayor of Predeal).
  • 1931 – between 1931-1934, all military national championships and practical skiing finals ruin in Predeal; - carrying a big contest for long distance, on the route Diham - Trei Brazi - Poiana Secuilor - Cioplea.
  • 1933 – Development of skiing infrastructure, opening new trails and opening the jumps at Cioplea; - The National Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest organizes the first training of ski instructors in Predeal.
  • 1934 – establishment of the Association Sportive foundation "Friends of Predeal." This association has played an important role in boosting the Prahova Valley ski. It was organized an information office in Predeal station, offering ski enthusiasts, data about the state of the roads, slopes and snow ski equipment (it was equipped with 300 pairs of skis and boots). It sponsored the annual ski school and the first lift installed in the country at Cioplea;
  • - in the interwar period, the royal family was present at the ski slopes from Predeal, helping with the trophies and money in organizing various competitions.
  • 1935 – the military patrol team (of which Gheorghe Zapada from Predeal belongs to), headed by Colonel Gregoriou, participates in a large military competition in the neighbouring country, Yugoslavia.
  • 1939 – at Diham - the course for the unification method of ski instruction. The school graduates get qualified as ski instructors.
  • 1942 – organization, in extremely difficult conditions of the Second World War, of the national championship where Zapada brothers will be noticed, Gheorghe Zapada being 90 years old. He would be the first ski coach in "Dinamo" Brasov club.
  • 1965 – the development, on the "Subteleferic" path of an international alpine skiing competition, which was attended by: Leo Lacroix, Michel Arpin, Pierre Stamos, Cornel Tabaras, Ghon Kurt, Gheorghe Balan, Dan Cristea, Dorin Munteanu, Virgil Brenci, Gheorghe Vulpe.
  • 1968 – the development, on the MTR path, of an international university competition, attended also by Jean Pierre Auger in the first team of France.
  • 1974 – special slalom international competition for juniors. John Cavas defeats the future junior world champion Peter Popangelov.
  • 1987 – the development of the competition entitled "MILITARY ARMIES FRIENDS FIGHT," attended by athletes like Ioan Fratila and Mihai Radulescu.
  • 2001, December 19th – inauguration of „Cocosul” path.
  • 2002, December 7th – inauguration of the first artificial snow production facility - initiator: Eng. Mihai Vestea, the mayor of Predeal.
  • 2003 – carrying on Clabucet Arrival (Predeal) of the "Balkan Cup" special slalom, where Bianca Narea is the winner.
  • 2004, august - starting the construction of the new 4-seater upgraded cableway Pomagalski - 5 m / sec - 2000 persons / hour.
  • 2005, 20-27 February – organization of the 47th edition of the MILITARY WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • 2013, 17-22 February - The Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF) from Predeal: Snowboard – Clabucet Arrival, cross country skiing - National Sports Complex Biathlon and cross country skiing - Rasnoavei Valley.


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